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45 Inspiring Red and White Living Room Designs


Red is my favorite color. I absolutely love it as an accent (or even the feature color) in a room’s color palette. In fact, if you ever take a sneak peak into my apartment, you’ll find that red is the dominant accent in our home (we even have a Clifford red couch that dominates our living room!). So when I came across Home-Designing’s post about the red-white color combination, I had to do a post of my own about my favorite red and white living room designs. Living Room Decoration InspirationThe red and white color combination provides a great contrast for interior design enthusiasts. The neutral, peaceful ambiance of the white balances out with the bold, demanding red. Throw in grays, blacks, or blues, and you’ve got a great palette for your living room! The red and white living room designs I found don’t always use red or white as the dominate color; sometimes, they’re more accent colors than anything. But check out these awesome designs (which range from contemporary and modern to transitional and eclectic), and find your favorite living room!

This home in Bridgehampton, New York combines red and white with a lot of vintage pieces to create a lovely, relaxing space.

This modern red and white living room space was designed by Addoy.

The gray walls and accents tone down the bold red furniture, and the retro-print fabric completes the stylish look!

This sunken sitting area designates a relaxing space where you can hang out with friends can family.

The accent wall with hopeful decal lettering warms up the room! Especially with the awesome floor tile work. Design by DMR Designs.

The red and white are accent colors create a stunning and dramatic affect!

The red and silver swirls create a beautiful and dizzying effect!

The artwork demands all the attention in this space, where red is more of an accent color in a highly neutral space.

I love the texturized red-painted walls. It provides depth to what might have been an overwhelming wall color.

This space chooses to make only the pendant lamp the red accent in the room, which provides a good balance for those who might be a afraid of too much color.

A modern design through and through, right down to the triple pendent lamps!

Santa Monica based interior designer Kathryn Ireland added splashes of red to liven up this plushy room.

The red and white combo blends together the two design styles: traditional and contemporary.

Red and White Living Room Designs

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Design company Coleccion Alexandra designed and manufactured this contemporary space and the furniture in it.

Red and White Living Room Designs

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Tamara Kaye-Honey designed this living room, with all its playful prints and hits of red!

The bright red sectional builds off the traditional harlequin black and white floor tile.

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